This page targets Denemo maintainers.


  • make: Creates the program.
  • make update-samples: Does not just update samples, but every .denemo file it finds.
  • make dist: Creates the program tar.gz to export, and updates po/denemo.pot file.
  • make potfile: Updates po/ and po/POTFILES.skip. Those files should be updated every time a xml or a scm file is added in actions.
  • make potfile && make pot: Updates po/denemo.pot file. This should be ran before giving denemo.pot to translators.
  • make -C tests check: Run the tests
  • make distcheck: Makes a full check. It makes dist, unzip the archive, compiles it, run tests in it, install it, uninstall it, checks the uninstallation and finally re run make dist to check that the archive is self contained.
  • make send-pot: Updates po/denemo.pot and email it to Translation Project



  • git fetch –tags: Updates remote tags
  • git tag: List the tags
  • git checkout THE-TAG: Get the tagged revision
  • Do some modifications
  • git tag -a THE-TAG -f -m “THE-COMMENT”: Set the tag to the current commit
  • git push origin THE-TAG: Pushes the tag on the main repository


  • Official website:
  • git checkout: git clone
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