Features in previous releases can be seen in the Changelog file in denemo sources.

Release 1.1

Released 23 March 2013

  • Palettes of commands
    • Customize content and shape
    • User created palettes
  • Movement Navigation Buttons
    • Buttons for quick change
    • Indication of current Movement
  • Raw LilyPond Output
    • For inclusion in user’s LilyPond template
    • Single keypress to update the output
  • Tablature
    • Support for all instruments
  • Upgrade Support
    • Keep custom shortcuts, palettes, etc on upgrading Denemo
  • Command Center
    • Can stay open while working on score.
    • Replaces old Command Manager
    • Menu path to each command is shown
    • Incremental search for commands by label
    • Incremental search for strings within tooltips
    • Execute any command
    • Add any command to a palette

Release 1.1.2

Released 27th February 2014

  • Links to source files can be relative to current score location
  • Transcribing from MIDI
    • Play in to a click track.
    • Enter rhythm afterwards.
  • Guided MIDI import
    • Durations can be checked as they are entered.
  • Support for LilyPond 2.18
    • Old scores are updated for incompatible syntax.
  • Re-shaping/Re-positioning Ties
    • Both WYSIWYG and tweaking width/height/convexity.
  • LilyPond View Improvements
    • Bracket Matching.
    • Line numbering visible.
    • Cursor position highlighted.

Release 1.1.4

Released 13th April 2014

  • Spillover
    • Appending over-length notes spill into next bar.
    • Works for rests too.
    • Optional – set a preference for old behavior.
  • Shortcuts Cheat Sheet
    • Current set of shortcuts listed.
    • Alphabetical order.
    • Gives description of command.
  • Support for Aubio 4
    • Microphone Input Note Detection.
    • Note Onset Detection.
    • Instrument Tuning.
  • General Seek and Edit Facility
    • Choose from all available object types in movement.
    • Choose from objects at cursor.
    • Seek and edit the chosen type in music playing order.
    • Restart last search, wrap to beginning, to next movemnt.
  • Display Editing
    • Control+Shift drag to move objects in the input music display
    • Does not affect the final typeset score.
    • Useful when the input music display is too cluttered to see clearly.
  • MusicXML import
    • Imports Titles, copyright and other text
    • Imports dynamic markings

Release 1.1.6

Released 20th June 2014

  • Lyrics Interface
    • Cursor on music moves to match cursor in lyrics
    • Jump to any point in the lyrics by mouse or keyboard
    • The inactive pane (lyrics or music) clearly indicated by graying-out
  • Margins Control
    • Set top, bottom, left and right margins in mm.
  • Tweaking Typesetting
    • Individual notes, chords and rests can be tweaked
    • Accidentals and markings move with the note
    • Fingerings can be offset
    • For use when LilyPond is sub-optimal
  • Fret Diagrams
    • Chords typeset as fret diagrams
    • Defaults to Guitar
    • Can be used with Chord Names too
  • Comprehensive Musical Symbol Support
    • Menu access to the complete set of LilyPond music symbols
    • Over 600 types of music glyphs can be placed and dragged on the score
  • More Ornamentation Support
    • Coulés
    • Arpègements
    • Suspensions
  • Editing Timer
    • Displays time spent creating a score
    • Accumulates over all editing sessions

Release 1.1.8

Released 5th August 2014

  • Spanners
    • Dynamics such as cresc. poco a poco
    • Text such as rall …
    • LilyPond takes care of the extents
  • Lyrics Enhancements
    • Lyric stanza numbers can be inserted
    • Available on lyrics pane menu
    • Lyric font style control
    • Melismata Insert
  • Text and Graphics
    • Graphic Title Pages
    • Multiple columns of text
    • Edit in external vector editor
    • Use for music books, verses …
    • Multi-line text, with embedded music snippets
  • Custom Ornaments/Symbols
    • Edit the Ornament Shape and Size
    • Re-define existing ornaments
    • Attach to notes or stand-alone
  • Custom Barlines
    • Define new barlines
    • Re-define existing barlines
    • Control over how/if they print in all positions
  • Chord Charts
    • Chord Symbols
    • With barlines, repeats
    • Text markings, pauses
    • Use for songs, jazz …
    • Display on smartphone while busking…

Release 1.2

Released 2nd November 2014

  • Palette Shortcuts
    • Execute Palette Commands from Keyboard
    • Label is typed in
    • Label truncation allowed
    • Switch active palette
    • Works even on hidden palettes
  • Automatic Cues
    • Install Reference to Cued Part
    • Automatically detects difference in clef
    • Changes are automatically reflected in cue
  • Fret Diagrams
    • Can be placed in any score
    • Can be embedded in text
    • Can be re-positioned by dragging
  • Accidental Styles
    • 16 styles available
    • Apply across entire score
  • Lyrics Improvements
    • Choose Font Face
    • Choose Font Size
  • Chord Chart Improvements
    • Interface for Customized Chord Symbols
    • Page size and measures per line control
    • One-off arbitrary chord symbol creation
    • Tailored shortcuts for fast keyboard entry.
  • MIDI information on double-click
    • Timing information
    • Volume (velocity) information.
  • Default Font Faces
    • Choose from system installed fonts
    • Titles, Lyrics etc
    • Chord Names and other sans serif text
    • Mono-spaced font
  • General Improvements
    • More checks for user errors
    • Better flow of notes into new measures.

Release 1.2.2

Released 9th February 2015

  • More mouse selection support
    • Extend an already made selection by dragging
    • Dragging selection now scrolls as needed
  • Large (Deep) Score Support
    • Hide staffs in the Display
    • Display only selected staffs, e.g. woodwind section
    • Use for deep scores, e.g. full orchestra.
    • Navigation commands available
  • Improved Ornamentation Interface
    • Place accidentals above and/or below ornament
    • Stack ornaments.
    • Quick and easy WYSIWYG dragging.
  • Support for Proof-Reading
    • Add PDF Annotations to Denemo typeset Score
    • Open the proof-read score in Denemo
    • Locate proof reading marks
    • Transfer proof read comments to the Denemo score
  • Miscellaneous
    • Edit/Delete all of one type of object
    • Chord Chart Bass Inversion Sequences
    • Support for editing from MIDI controller
    • Artificial Harmonics
    • Caesura
    • Arbitrary text for N’th time bars
    • Intelligent tied notes edits
    • Duplicate, Split or Merge Movements

Release 1.2.4

Released 9th July 2015

  • Command Search Improved
    • Search for commands containing key words
    • Fuzzy search
    • Search command help text and label
  • New Commands
    • Choose format of rehearsal marks
      • Plain, boxed or circled
      • Alphabetic or Numeric
    • Controls for page numbering
  • Music Snippets
    • Saved with the score
    • Use extended to all objects
    • Command for insertion from keyboard
    • Re-labelling of snippets
  • Staff Groups (Braces)
    • Graphically displayed
    • Click to edit the start or end
  • Updated Manual
    • New sections on Command Center, Tablature, Fret Diagrams …
  • Autosave
    • Auto-saved versions detected on start up
    • Save rate in granularity of seconds
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fix over long menus
    • Menu of searchable objects avoid spurious items
    • Improved Check Score routine
      • more errors detected
      • error position indicated in all cases

Release 2.0

Released 30th October 2015

  • Object Inspector
    • Full details of current object nicely formatted
    • Includes all attachments to the current object
    • Tracks the cursor
    • Available from the Print View
  • Object Editor
    • Edit built in attributes
    • Edit attached features
    • Available from Inspector or by right click.
    • Create Palette Buttons for instantiating the current attached features
  • Score and Movement Properties Editor
    • Edit global properties of the Score
    • Edit global properties of the Movement
    • Switch between movements to edit properties
    • Create Palette Buttons for instantiating the current score or movement property
  • Staff and Voice Properties Editor
    • Edit global properties of the Staff
    • Edit global properties of the Voice
    • Create Palette Buttons for instantiating the current staff or voice property
  • Search and Replace
    • Search for rhythmic patterns
    • Edit at found pattern and continue
    • Search for note sequences
    • Wrap to staff start/next staff
    • Resume search
  • Score Layout Editor
    • Duplicate Movements with separate edits
    • Re-order Movements
    • Duplicate Staffs with separate edits
    • Staffs can be added from any movement into any other
  • Titles
    • Control of bold, italic and fontsize
    • Control of spacing
    • Comprehensive set of fields to set
  • Beaming Rules
    • Create scorewide beaming rules
    • Rules for multiple time signatures
    • Regular rules with exceptions done by example.
  • Preview of Text/Music/Fret Diagram/Chord Symbol Markup
    • Check the appearance before re-typesetting the score
  • Notehead Styles
    • Complete set of notehead styles
    • Set on individual notes or score-wide
  • Vertical Spacing Controls
    • Complete set of vertical spacing distance settings
    • Titles to System
    • System to System
    • … more
  • Improved MIDI output
    • Sustain Pedal effect
  • Bug Fixes
    • MIDI message lengths corrected for custom messages
  • User Manual
    • Many new sections added

Release 2.0.2

Released 4th February 2016

  • Playback View
    • Fully Typeset View
    • Click to Play
    • Drag to play selection
    • Shift-Drag to loop
    • Auto-scrolling
      • Simple Scrolling
      • Multiple Scroll Points (tempo changes etc)
    • Play from full score while scrolling a part
    • Fully-featured MIDI
      • Cresc. and Dim.
      • Articulations (staccato etc)
      • Grace Notes
      • Individual Tied Notes in Chords
      • Sustain Pedal … more
  • LilyPond Export
    • One file per part
    • Output divided into measure per line
    • Measure Number every 10th measure
    • All Staffs
    • All Movements
  • Staff/Voice Editor Improvements
    • Navigate to other staffs within editor
    • Visibility/editing of clef, key, time signatures
    • Guidance for voices typeset on one staff
  • Dynamics Lines
    • Display on single line
    • Distinctive coloring
  • Instrument Ranges
    • Out-of-range notes colored red
    • Easy one-click setting to chord
  • Instrument Templates
    • Add staffs pre-configured for chosen instrument
    • Name, range and transposition included
  • Substituting Music
    • Replace music of one staff with that of another
    • Use, e.g. to typeset Chord Symbols and Fret Diagrams from one set of chords
  • Fret Diagrams
    • Include pre-defined Mandolin and Ukulele
    • Default is guitar
  • Tablature
    • Include example for 18th c Lute
  • Bug Fixes
    • Ornament with Accidentals above and/or below fixed

Release 2.0.4

Released 5th March 2016

  • Conditional Directives on Chords/Notes
      Create editions with/without ornaments, fingerings …
    • Conditional items are highlighted in the display
      Object Inspector reports on them
  • Enhanced Object Editor
      Set Conditional Behavior
    • Initiate Search/Edit from Object
  • New Commands
      Margins for Duplex Printing
    • Page Number Positioning
      Gaps in Staffs
      Enharmonic transpositions of passages
  • Generating Parts
      Part naming extended to multi-staff instruments
  • Score Checking
      Bug Fixes
    • Skip Errors

Release 2.0.6

Released 15 April 2016

  • Play Back Controls
      Buttons to play selection or from cursor
      • Fix bugs with initial use
      Mute Staffs
        Mute/Un-mute all or groups of staffs
      Whole Score Volume Override
  • Denemo Display
      Upbeat bar numbering matches typesetter
  • LilyPond Error Reporting
      Separate report for each run
    • Only report include filenames when they error
  • Playback View
      Shift-Click to Navigate
    • Revert to simple MIDI while editing
  • Playback from Typeset View
      Unified interface with Playback View
  • Lyrics
      Insert Skips
  • Translations
      Chinese (Simplified) Translation

Release 2.0.8

Released 5th June 2016

  • Copy and Paste
      Applies to note/chord attributes
    • CtrlC, Ctrl-V work for these
      Copied marking is highlighted
      Selection changes color when copied
  • Improved Acoustic Feedback
      Trill makes a short trill sound on entry
    • Copy attributes sounds
  • Improved Visual Feedback
      Status bar notices are animated
    • Characters are highlighted in Lyric Verses
      Directives are made more legible when cursor is on them
  • Cadenza Time
      For un-metered music
    • Music can still display in “bars”
  • New Commands
      Tuplet Positioning
    • Curved Tuplet Brackets
      Cadenza on/off uses Cadenza Time, sets smaller note size, editable text
      Notes without stems
  • Multi-line text annotation
      Bold, Italic etc now apply to selection
    • A guard prevents accidental syntax collision
  • Updated Manual
      More detail
    • Now indexed
  • Bug Fixes
      Command Center search now reliable
    • Standalone Multi-line text with backslash editing
      Pasting into measures that precede a time signature change

Release 2.0.10

Released 13th July 2016

  • More Conditional Settings
      Apply conditions to score directives
      Create duplicate directives to be used conditionally
      Use for page breaks between movements, margins etc
  • Lyrics Pane Improvements
      Save directly from verse
      Navigate verses from keyboard
  • Hidden Staff Improvements
    • Now auto-show when the cursor moves on them
      Can be navigated with the mouse as well as keyboard
      Settings stored with score
  • New Commands
    • Create Click-Track
        Auto-filled with beats
        Custom fill available
    • Create Intro
        Handles upbeat
    • Create Multi-Measure rests in bulk
    • Create Palette Buttons for Object Instantiation
        Chords and Standalone Directives
        Clones fingerings, string numbers, ornaments etc
    • Swap chord notes
        Applies to doubled notes (e.g. c c or c c#)
        Eases editing of the notes
        Use for fingerings, string number etc
  • Auto-open Source File
      First link opened on file open
  • Bug Fixes
      Nth time bar numbers match font
      Layout sync fixed
      Undo/Redo fixed for several bugs

    Release 2.0.12

    Released 11th Sept 2016

    • New Features
        Assign current staff to an instrument
        Create Ligatures
        Add staff for instrument now sets time and key signatures
        Improved menu layout
        Custom Templates preserved on upgrade
        Direct setting of Mute/Printing status of staffs at staff start
    • More GUI features
        Highlighting objects as the cursor hovers over them
        Staff tools in Display expanded
        A Movement tools button installed
        Tools in Display now sensitive when hovered over
        Hidden Staffs indicator now clickable
    • Bug Fixes
        Fix Print View update when changing initial clef/timesig
        Fix Print View update when using score properties dialog
        Fix WYSISYG beam angle alteration
        Fix display update on attaching ornaments without cursor highlighting
        Fix visibility of cursor on Denemo Directives
        Various fixes to undo
        Handle absence of LilyPond more gracefully
        Edit staff by mouse interface improved
    • Known Bugs
        Navigation from stale Print View with selection causes problems with Default Score Layout
        InsertChord command gives bad display when used after clef change

    Release 2.0.14

    Released 27th November 2016

  • New Tooltip System
      Controllable Popup rate
      Unaffected by Gtk changes
  • Preview Pane for Markup
      Markup previewed as you type
      Bad syntax picked up straight away
  • New Features
      Specify total page count
      Set a distinctive style for page numbers
      Duplex View now shows page edges clearly
      Chord Entry by MIDI keyboard without sustain pedal
      Palette button creation for chord types
      Reload standard palettes
      Support for percent style repeats
      New transposition interfaces
      Comprehensive Chord Inserts palette
      Mensural/Petrucci Style Palette
      Conditional Behavior for Clef, Key and Time directives
      Edit Book Titles with markup
  • Multi-line text and music
      Preview Pane
      Insertion of music glyphs
      Insertion of Chord Symbols separated from insertion of note names
      Applying effects to the selected text
      Raising/Lowering of glyphs, fret diagrams etc to match text
  • Transcription from Source Improvements
      Allow selected parts to be highlighted
      Edit the masked-off sections
      Reduces errors (e.g. switching to wrong part)
  • Polymetric Staff Support
      Allow different time signatures simultaneously
      Allow non-synchronous barlines
      Hidden (dummy) measures
  • Verses at End of Music
      Add further verses
      Edit with preview
      Multiple columns
  • Bug Fixes
      Hide Initial clef, key, time now update print view correctly
      Navigation from stale Print View fixed
      InsertChord command fixed at clef change
      Typeset Verses at End now copes with quotes, underscore, tildes
      Fix dragging rests in Print View
      Fix syllable alignment
      Transpose chord root names in Display
  • Release 2.1

    Released 23rd March 2017

  • GTK Upgrade
      UI manager dropped
      All deprecations to version 3.22 fixed
  • New Features
      Gregorian Chant Support
      Easier Mirrored Dynamics
      Lyrics verses can be mirrored to other staffs
      Easy selection of staffs to typeset
      Improved Playback Controls
      Less Cluttered Dynamics Line
      Cross Voice Arpeggios
      Baritone Clef support
      Invoke Command Center on commands from Object Editor
  • Tear-off Menus
      Now tear off as palettes
      Keep them around, dock them, edit the tooltips…
  • Clearer Display
    • Object Position indicators only where needed
  • Bug Fixes
      Setting playback start via button is now reliable
      Playback View sometimes playing from wrong point fixed
      Instability on Undo after delete of staff with lyrics
      Ledger lines in display for staffs of less than 5 lines fixed
      Fix display of Drum Clef
      Fix positioning of graphics in display for windows
      Fix Playback View for certain locales
      Improved Lyrics display
      Fix Lyric aligment syntax
      Fix for wrong note names after octave up/down
  • Release 2.2

    Released 28th July 2017

  • New Features
    • Virtual Piano Keyboard
      • Defaults to 8 octaves
        Enter rhythm then pitches
        Enter Chords via right click
        Score editing key shortcuts unaffected
        Touch screen ready
    • MIDI Simulation
      • PC-keyboard simulates Piano Keyboard
        Enter rhythm then pitches
        Octave Control
        Works for entering chords too
        Customize key assignments
    • Lyrics Improvements
      • Handle mis-matched quotes
        Avoid accidental verse deletion
    • Figured Bass Enhancements
      • Position figures on whole notes better
        Make accidentals without a figure bigger
        Position accidentals before a figure better
    • Slur and Tie Styles
      • Choose from Dashed, Dotted or Solid
    • Support for .gz files
      • Open compressed files without renaming
  • Bug Fixes
      Upgrade keeping shortcuts
      Command Center searches with leading space
  • Release 2.3

    Released 23rd July 2019

  • New Features
    • Seek Locations in Scores
      • Specify type of object sought
        Or valid note range
        Or any custom condition
        Creates a clickable list of locations
        Each location is removed from list once visited
    • Syntax highlighting in LilyPond view
    • Playback Start/End markers draggable
    • Source window navigation by page number
      • Page number always visible
    • Rapid marking of passages
    • Two-chord Tremolos
    • Allowing breaks at half-measure for whole movement
      • Also breaks at every beat
    • Passages
      • Mark Passages of music
        Perform tasks on the marked passages
        Swapping musical material with staff below implemented
    • Search for lost scores
      • Interval-based
        Searches whole directory hierarchy
        Works for transposed scores
    • Compare Scores
    • Index Collection of Scores
      • All scores below a start directory indexed
        Index includes typeset incipit for music
        Title, Composer, Instrumentation, Score Comment fields
        Sort by composer surname
        Filter by any Scheme condition
        Open files by clicking on them in Index
    • Intelligent File Opening
      • Re-interprets file paths for moved file systems
    • Improved Score etc editor appearance
    • Print History
      • History records what part of the score was printed
        Date and printer included
    • Improvements to Scheme Editor
      • Title bar shows open file
        Save dialog gives help
    • Colors now differentiate palettes, titles etc. in main display
    • Swapping Display and Source positions
      • for switching between entering music and editing
        a single keypress or MIDI command
    • Activate object from keyboard
      • Fn2 key equivalent to mouse-right click
        Shift and Control right-click via Shift-Fn2 and Control-Fn2
    • Help via Email
    • Auto-translation to Spanish
  • Bug Fixes
      Adding buttons to palettes no longer brings hidden buttons back
      MIDI playback of empty measures containing non-notes
      Instrument name with Ambitus clash in staff properties menu fixed
      Visibility of emmentaler glyphs fixed
      Update of layout on staff to voice change
      Open Recent anomalies fixed
      Failures to translate menu titles and palettes fixed
  • Release 2.4

    Released 18 May 2020

  • New Features
    • Omission Criteria
      • A lightweight alternative to Score Layouts
        A single flag turns on/off features of the score
    • Swing Playback
      • Playback with altered note durations
        Use for Jazz swing and note inègales
    • Page Turner/Annotater
      • Annotate while playing from digital score
        Page turn digital score from pedals
    • New from Current
      • Create a new score using the current one as template
        Use for books of songs, sonatas etc to keep style uniform>/ul>
    • Bug Fixes
        Easier object edit interface
        After Grace command now fully automatic
        Crash on Windows during delete measure all staffs
        Template save bugs fixed
        Assign Instrument command in score with voices fixed.
    • Release 2.5

    • New Features
      • MusicXML export
        • Supports export of multi-movement scores
      • Support for Musical Sketches
        • Cut selection as sketch
      • Support for LilyPond 2.20.0
      • Menu Navigation from Keyboard enabled
      • Comments in Lyric verses
    • Bug Fixes
      • Various fixes in MusicXML import
      • Various fixes in LilyPond import
      • Wrong Keyboard Shortcuts on MacOS
    • Release 2.6

      Released 11th March 2022

    • New Features
      • Pitches First note entry method
        • Notes are visualized on a special MIDI track
        • Entering rhythms inserts notes from MIDI track
        • Recorded MIDI is re-synchronized as each bar is entered
        • Facilities to play, backup, advance, delete, restart recording
      • Support all system/markup spacing controls
      • Easy setting of conditional behavior of Denemo Directives
        • Directives attached all objects (notes, chords, time/key signatures etc)
        • Use e.g. for changes of clef only for certain instruments
      • Editing the LilyPond for individual objects
        • Applies to all objects (notes, chords, time/key signatures etc)
        • Use e.g. to create editions with chords for smaller hands
      • Support creating score/paper/header Directives at startup from Score Properties Editor
        • Directives are created only where absent
      • Allow easy toggling between listening/playing-in pitches via Shift key.
      • Create Score and Parts in one PDF
      • Allow setting transposition on playback easily
      • Allow recording and attaching musical audio fragments to a score while composing
      • Easier setting of Movement Tempo
      • Improvements to Playback Controls
        • Better control over playback volume
        • Simplify setting playback start/end markers
        • Better use of colors
      • Improve Legibility
        • Paler Denemo Cursor
        • Allow alteration of brightness of playback start/end markers
      • View Menu Improvements
        • Turn various windows on/off by shortcut
        • Switch back to Main Window with Esc or Ctrl-w
      • Staff Display Spacing Control
        • Ctrl-Drag to loosen/tighten spacing in display
        • Auto/Manual spacing available
        • Allows tight spacing for small screens
      • Allow trailing staff lines at end of movement
      • Bug Fixes
        • Fix setting of movement tempo in playback controls
        • Fix Inserting Breve and Longa
        • Fix display of dotted Breve and Longa after reload
        • Fix spurious 0xffffff keypress on windows
        • Fix setting/following links to source files esp. on Windows
        • Fix display of key signatures for tenor and baritone clefs
        • Prevent staff braces being attached to Marks/Dynamics staffs
        • Fix sounding duration of grace notes on dotted notes
        • Check part lists are same in all movements on Check Score.
        • Fix Performance for case where there is an upbeat at the start
        • Fix Performance View for LilyPond version 2.22
        • Fix Hide Movement as Sketch
        • Fix Duplicated Titles
        • Fix staff heights in display not resetting
        • Fix lyric pane not showing sometimes
        • Fix lyrics clashing with beaming in display
        • Hidden staff markers avoid clashes
        • Arrow at right of display now reliably shifts the displayed measures
        • Improvements in restoring window sizes on re-starting Denemo
        • Playback Fixes
          • Pause no longer hangs notes
          • Reset places end play at end
          • Initial Playbutton icon change when pausing fixed
          • Playback markers in display now follow notes accurately
          • Fix clutter in display at Playback Start marker
          • Fix Pause for Windows version
      • Release 2.7

        In the repository now

      • New Features
        • Control Horizontal Spacing
          • Per-movement spacing control
          • Display total number of systems
          • Set total number of systems as well as pages
          • Commands can operate conditional on layout/Inclusion Criteria
        • New Commands to make properties conditonal
          • Apply to Score, Movement or Staff properties
          • Conditional on current layout or Inclusion Criterion
          • Editing conditional values as easily as unconditional
          • No need to use the editors to create duplicate directives
        • Custom Titles
          • Spread over as many lines as needed
          • Text placed left right and/or center
          • Full choice of fonts etc
        • Support for LilyPond 2.24
          • Some directives give errors if not updated
            • Book Titless
            • Bold Page Numbers
            • Score Version
          • Some directives give warnings if not updated
            • Noteheads
            • Staff Size
            • Score Version
            • Ossia Staff
        • Create book from different layouts
          • Book can include typesets at different overall size
          • Different Denemo scores can also be included
          • Ghostscript used to assemble the typesets
          • Page numbering flows correctly
        • Playback Annotation
          • Register moments of interest during playback
          • Review these later
          • Label ones of interest
        • Print Bar Numbers on any staff
        • TAB staff made easy
        • Better file chooser with over-write warning
        • Search for music incipits in all movements
        • Better Triplet Entry command
        • Numeric Timesignature automatically applies to all staffs
        • Control transposition of MIDI-in
        • Better editing of Directive fields in low level editor
        • Make Command Center available from Properties Editors
        • Dragging Ornaments etc in Print View made easy
      • Bug Fixes
        • Status bar now reflects numbering in all cases
        • Up/Down slurs now toggle correctly
        • Build without fluidsynth fixed
        • Version Upgrade keeping commands & shortcuts fixed
        • Page Size command default value fixed
        • Denemo Cursor drawing on non-notes fixed
        • Adjust Measure Lengths fixed for triplets ending at measure split
        • Make dim and cresc text spanners match normal dim and cresc in size
        • Fixes for upgrade – keep history, palettes etc
        • Beaming rules apply to initial timesig properly
        • Typeset-only clefs improved condtionality & display
        • Quarter Comma Mean Tone crash fixed
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