This is a vocal work typeset by the Sibelius music notation editor.
and here is the same work after importing MusicXML into Denemo (the lyrics were pasted in as Denemo’s xml importer does not currently import lyrics)
Again as I do not have a copy of Sibelius I cannot tell how much hand-tweaking went into creating that score, but none was used in Denemo – the music was simply imported and the lyrics pasted into the lyrics pane. One way to judge how much hand adjustment is needed can be to re-import the file into Sibelius from the MusicXML, which Phil Holmes has kindly done using Sibelius 7 the result is below:
There is quite a lot of trouble with the lyrics placement, both the line that crashes the music and the syllables crashing the barlines.
Phil has also imported the Reunion example (which comes from the MuseScore comparison) into Sibelius and it is spread by Sibelius display66over two pages thus:
Sibelius does a better initial layout than Finale, but still leaves a lot more work than the default layout that Denemo achieves using LilyPond, which is shown below:

Sibelius is the only importer to have gotten the 8va marking, but it puts it in the wrong place and fails to set the notes at the right octave under it. I am not sure where it got all those metronome markings from – they don’t appear in the MuseScore original, though they may be exported by MuseScore when it created the MusicXML file.

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